David Thomas is a sound designer for live plays and musicals based in the United States. He has worked on Broadway and at regional theaters throughout the country.

In musical theatre, David specializes in the audio reinforcement of actors, singers, and musicians through the artistic lens of the source material and the specific production. Through his collaboration with directors, music directors, and other design team members, he creates a sound that not only amplifies a show for practical purposes, but also deepens the emotional and aesthetic needs of the music and storytelling.

As a designer of plays, he works frequently with found music, utilizing skills in musicology, dramaturgy, and digital audio manipulation. Through sound, he aims to propel the story forward, carry the audience emotionally, and ask the big questions of “what is this play really about?”

From phone rings and offstage action to amorphous sound beds, realistic or abstract sound effects are also an enormous part of his focus, either in a play or musical.

David is a strong believer that working closely with the rest of the team is of paramount importance to achieving a successful theatrical production.

His résumé and contact information may be found here:

To learn about David's work on virtual life events, visit www.togathertoday.com.